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Please note that the product description is taken from the new edition of this item, and as such all listed DLC or any redeem content may not be available in this pre-owned copy of the title. Please also not many servers on PS3 & XBOX 360


  • Rating: 13V
  • Platform: XBOX360
  • Players: 1
  • Genres: Action game, Role-playing Video Game, Real-time tactics, Tactical wargame
  • Series: Dynasty Warriors
  • Developers: Omega Force, Koei, Koei Tecmo
  • Composer: Jamie Christopherson
  • Publishers: Koei, Koei Tecmo, zaka creative
  • Initial release date: 30 August 2007



Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War has players take control of a mercenary for hire during the legendary English / French conflict. Lead soldiers, warriors and fellow swords for hire into battle on horseback or on foot, fighting alongside Joan of Arc or the King of England as you strive to become the mercenary champion and gain fame and fortune during these dark times.


The gameplay takes place in a 3rd-person perspective and takes the form of an action / RPG of sorts. The 'central hub' of the game is a local bar where the player attempts to find jobs that will increase his or her wealth and reputation, as well as dealers that will allow the player to change weaponry or buy more troops to fight alongside them. This hub area also serves as a meeting place for characters from the game world and the player may gleam information from gossip heard that will help them later in-game. Talking to the barman within will present a roster of missions available, the length of that particular campaign and the reward for success - these can take place on either the English or French side (you cannot ally with just one faction). Selecting one of these missions will take you to the battlefield.


The main game itself is broken down into what first appears to be a strategy sort of game in which the player is shown which territories they have to take to successfully complete the mission - however any strategic element ends here. They can then select which 'home camp' to start from. Once this is chosen they are presented with a battlefield (similar in respects to dynasty warriors). The main objective is to make their way to the castle / village to be taken and successfully seize it from the occupying troops. battling with any enemy troops they encounter along the way.

The player can command a number of differing types of combatants, from archers to footsoldiers to horseback, and later on in-game camel and elephant riders. Battles are a simple hack and slash affair, with the player attempting to clear the area of enemy troops. Once this has been achieved a base commander will appear at the base under siege. Beat this commander and the player will have seized the territory and completed the mission. Extra fame can be achieved from beating in combat the VIP enemies found throughout the mission. This in turn will also yield treasure for the player, some of which is collectible throughout the game.


As such, Bladestorm has no end - the player will continue to fight battles as they progress (This is after all the Hundred Years' War!), but there is a story arc within the game to be completed, and the amount of missions - although very similar can give players a lot game content to keep them happy.

Bladestorm The Hundred Year's War | XB 360

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