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Product Information
  • Rating: 13L
  • Released: November 3rd, 2005 on PlayStation 2
  • Publishers: Jaleco Ltd, Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd.
  • Developers: Dual Corporation
  • Genre: Racing / Driving
  • Perspective: Behind view
  • Vehicular: Automobile



World Super Police is a single player police pursuit game.

The story behind the game is that normal police cars cannot catch criminals in really fast cars so, in order to combat increasing car crime, the World Super Police (WSP) have been formed. There are two strands to this game, one based around the Blue Wing group (WSP Japan) and the other around Red Hawks (WSP USA). In each strand there is a story but the missions are basically the same, the player's car sits firmly in the centre of the screen at the bottom and the scenery rushes by. On the left of the screen is a vertical bar which gives a 'radar' view the road ahead

The object is to keep the car on the road, travel as fast as possible avoiding other traffic, and take-out the bad guy with whatever weapons the player equipped their car(s) with. This involves racing for a minute or so until the target(s) show up on the radar at which point the felonious fiend must be stopped before they reach the border. Some missions are solo and unarmed, while in others the player is accompanied by fellow WSP in super cars and they can switch between offensive and defensive formations.


The game's main menu also features a Training option which, unusually, is greyed out at the start of the game and can only be accessed once the player has completed one or more missions in either story. The menu also has a Royal Scramble option in which the player can replay old missions, naturally this too can only be accessed once the player has completed one or more missions

PS2 World Super Police