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Product Information
  • Rating: A
  • Initial release date: 27 October 2002
  • Platform: Playstation 2
  • Series: PGA Tour
  • Mode: Multiplayer video game
  • Developers: EA Salt Lake, Electronic Arts, Visceral Games
  • Genres: Sports Video Game, Simulation Game
  • Publishers: Electronic Arts, EA Sports, Aspyr



TG contains over ten PGA tour pros, twelve original golfers, nine PGA Tour golf courses and three fantasy courses, which are completely original.


There are ten different game modes to play, from a stroke game to the actual PGA Tour. You can also go against three other friends in multiplayer.


In the SkillZone area, there are six different mini-games you can attempt, which is purely for fun. Do them yourself or go up against a friend.


The game features a worldwide leaderboard, which tracks stats from you and everybody else who plays the game. Using XBox Live, you can upload your stats and compare them with other players. This feature will last until January 1, 2004.

PS2 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003


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