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Product Information
  • Rating: A
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Developers: Heavy Iron Studios, AWE Games, WayForward, Amplified Games, Aspyr
  • Composers: Barry Fasman, James S. Levine, Robert Crew, John O'Kennedy
  • Engine: RenderWare
  • Publishers: THQ, Aspyr, THQ Wireless
  • Initial release date: 27 October 2004
  • Genres: Platform game, Adventure game



On a heroic, comedic quest through more than 20 levels of platform, driving and sliding action, SpongeBob and Patrick leave Bikini Bottom and journey to new and unexplored lands. Players join their struggle to defeat Plankton's diabolic scheme to take over the world...Plan Z! Plankton has stolen King Neptune's crown and assumed control of the town of Bikini Bottom, placing the blame squarely on Mr. Krabs. Together, SpongeBob and Patrick must journey to far away Shell City to recover the crown, return to Bikini Bottom and save the town and Mr. Krabs.

PS2 Spongebob Squarepants - The Movie

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