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Product Information
  • Rating: A
  • Developers: Unique Development Studios, King of the Jungle
  • Publishers: Encore Software, System 3, Play It
  • Initial release date: 2003
  • Mode: Multiplayer video game
  • Genres: Racing Video Game, Action game
  • Platform: PlayStation 2



Grooverider is a slot-car inspired arcade racer aimed at the budget/casual market. In this game, you race against three other cars around a track inside different rooms of a luxury apartment.


There are three different difficulties, or voltages, each faster than the last. There is a selection of cars to race in: British classics, 70's cop show, stock cars, GT sports, Formula X and Japanese.

Although the racing is limited to fixed lanes that you switch between there are also roadblocks, ramps, splits, loops, merges, and power-ups along the track, and you can barge other cars off.

The game has both single-player and two-player split-screen modes, and some extra game modes such as cops-n-robbers, and time trial with ghost car.

PS2 Groove Rider Slot Car Racing

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